Episode 2: Steve Harner





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And we've made it to Episode 2! That's exciting, right? Two episodes is the most episodes of a podcast I have ever done, so it is exciting to me. I can't tell you the number of people I know who decided to do a podcast, made one episode, and then never made another one. The simple fact that I have done two indicates, to myself, that I have even a semblance of consistency about this. High five to myself.


This week, I talk to Steve Harner. Who is Steve Harner, you ask? He is the owner and master of Bridegset Sound in Philadelphia. Bridgeset is a store like no other, a truly unique addition to Philly's music scene. It's unpretentious, it's supportive, it addresses all skill levels, and so on. Steve has a great attitude about music and about what Bridgeset's role is in creating music. We talk about what makes his store unique, and I think you'll all want to check it out in some way once you hear about it. Check out his store at bridgesetsound.com, whomever does his website has mad skill. I recorded the conversation on location at the store in one of the production rooms. It was very cool, very relaxed, and I hope to work out of his space again.


And in the spirit of behind-the-scenes info, Steve brokered a meeting between me and a friend of his who works in a pretty major part of the music industry. I won't say too much, but thanks to Steve, I got to do another interview with a very cool person, and that interview will be on the show very soon. 


Enjoy this one, I really dug talking with Steve. He's a unique guy, and his uniqueness is apparent in every aspect of his store. 






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