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Episode 23: Alexandra Cutler-Fetkewicz

I’m back from vacation. I walked back into the house, put the clothes in the wash, and sat down to put together this week’s episode. I had even entertained the idea of editing and doing the intro and outro from my room overlooking the Chesapeake Bay while I was out there. I brought the laptop, the headphones, the notebook, my little travel USB microphone, the whole deal. Maybe get some wind and sea sounds in there, make it real authentic and all. Didn’t touch them. They sat in my backpack the whole time. Sometimes you just gotta unplug.

On the show this week is Alexandra Cutler-Fetkewicz, who is, among many things, a co-founder of Philly Music Lab (along with Episode 10 guest Dan Nosheny). Philly Music Lab is a plethora of purpose: they book shows, the connect musicians with clients, they offer a place for musicians of all genres and type to network, they teach young musicians how to make a place for themselves in the working musician world. They’re the real deal. I’m all about any group that wants to teach you how to fish, rather than just give you a fish or two at a time. In other words, as a former touring musician, I like a group that helps musicians figure out how to get their own gigs, not just trap them in exclusivity. We talk about the altruistic side as well as the nuts-and-bolts of running a group like that.

Alex also spent a ton of time in Rochester, NY, which some of you know as my hometown, at Eastman School of Music, which is quite the place to get an education. So there’s some local chat about Rochester. Also, we talk about a near-fatal car crash that put the pause button on a whole lot, and how she overcame the physical and mental pain of putting herself back together. She’s a tough lady, her story is amazing, and she ain’t even close to done yet. I’m glad to have met her, and I’m glad to help Philly Music Lab along however I can.

Before I go, here’s the dates again for some upcoming events:

Saturday, 8/29 & Saturday, 9/5 at 9pm (both nights)

Bridgeset Sound @ 710 South St, Philadelphia PA

Live 25 O’Clock! That’s right, I’ll be doing the show live as part of the Philadelphia Podcast Festival. Music guests both nights! Come be a part of something truly unique and awesome.

Saturday, 9/12

Westville, NJ

I was asked to present at the conference this year, alongside some pretty awesome podcasters. I’ll be talking about how to record live musicians for podcasts, and how it’s really not so intimidating.

So, as you can see, I’m keeping busy. Hope you all are keeping busy, or are unplugging if unplugging is what needs doing. I cannot overemphasize the joy of putting your phone in your bag and forgetting about it for a few days. Do it if you can.

Enjoy your week, we’ll catch up again soon.



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