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Episode 25: Live From Philly Podcast Fest 2015, Part 2

Did I mention we did two live shows for Philly Podcast Fest? I did? Several times? Well, good. Here’s the other one.

As I said last time, I’m pleased with these shows for many reasons. I’m pleased to talk with whom I talk with. I’m pleased with their musical performances. I’m pleased that the audience seemed to be into it all the way through. I’m pleased that we got to make something unique and special in a moment, and that we also thought to record it so we could share it with the rest of you.

Huge thanks to Drew Harris, Alec Stewart and Dave Dehart for being a part of the show. They’re all guys I’ve known as part of the Philadelphia music world, and they’re all remarkable songwriters and performers. As I say in the episode, I’m lucky to be able to put my friends on the show so often, because it means that I have incredibly talented friends. To surround yourself with people with their own voices, their own points of view, and their own way of sharing it is to be incredibly fortunate.

Also, can I sing the praises of Steve from Bridgeset Sound once more? Because none of the live episodes would exist without him. Not only did he offer up his store as a venue, he also engineered both weeks’ episodes. I don’t even recall ever asking him to do that. It didn’t really enter my mind who would man the controls while I was up there doing my thing, because usually, that’s me. I just looked up as we were getting ready, and there Steve was, behind the board, checking levels and making sure everything was getting captured. Talk about getting it done. Steve, you are the best.

Enough Oscar speeches for one e-mail. Next time, we’ll be getting back to the regular episodes. I’m quite relieved to do that, as a matter of fact. I loved the live shows, and I love the tight rope act that is live anything. But a conversation in front of a crowd and a conversation between two people alone in a room together are two different things. I guess what I’m saying is that it will be nice to not have to be so entertaining for a bit. I like doing it and am actually not too bad at it, but it’s draining. My hat goes off to those who do it all the time.

When I talk to you all next, the Pope will have come and gone through Philadelphia. I dunno, I may try and get up the Ben Franklin Parkway on that Saturday to see Andrea Bocelli and Aretha Franklin perform (not together, I don’t imagine). If you’re from nearish to Philly and are thinking of coming in to see the big man, I say go for it. The city has been whining an crying like put-upon children for months about what a disaster this will be, and I’d like all the naysayers to be proven wrong. I think it’s going to go fine, and I’m a little embarrassed on behalf of Philadelphia of all the negative chatter that’s going on. If you’re into it, you should come and be a part of something unique.

Catch you all in a couple of weeks. Enjoy the live shows. I definitely enjoyed making them, and I love having all that talent in one place.



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