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Episode 37: John Vettese

I don’t really have much to ramble about this week. I was sick, now I’m not. It was cold, now it isn’t. Leo Dicaprio had no Oscars, and now he does. The world continues to spin.

This week on the show, I was thrilled to sit down with John Vettese. Those in the Greater Philly Area might not know John by name, but you’re probably familliar with WXPN, which is the non-commercial rock station ‘round these parts. John runs The Key, which is the social media arm of the station. I’ve been reading The Key since its inception, and I’ve always been curious as to how they manage to curate so much material, news, music, articles, etc. and somehow not have it all seem like a big pile of chaotic information. The Key has been a great spot on the internet for all things music and Philadelphia.

Anyway, John and I chat about musical upbringings, keeping up with the massive onslaught of bands and music, and most importantly, keeping an open mind as you get older. I had a blast with John, and I hope you all have one, too.

That’s really all I’ve got for this week. For those who look forward to my ramblings, my apologies. There’ll be more next time, I’m sure. For those who greet this as a bit of a respite from my chatter, you’re welcome.

Oh, bit of housekeeping. Over the next month or so, I’m migrating the whole site over to a new host. It shouldn’t interrupt anything, and all the episodes will be back in one place. The site will still be the same (, for the two of you who might not know), but the archive will be fully intact, and the site will hopefully be a lot simpler and easier to navigate. Anyways, in case you run into any problems, that’s what’s happening.

Catch you all in a couple of weeks.



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