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Episode 44: James Hearne

I had James Hearne on the mic back in February when he came through town for a couple of dates in the Philly area. If you don't know, James and I have been friends and musical cohorts since we were 16, growing up in Western New York, smoking cigarettes, and walking the Erie Canal trails into the wee hours of the morning. Needless to say, we've got some history. And, thankfully, we have also both quit smoking.

I sat on this episode for a while, not because I didn't like it, or I thought it wasn't good. I just didn't know if anyone would be interested in hearing us talk. As I listened back, I realized it's a pretty darn good conversation. It's two guys who go way back, talking with the ease and familiarity of two guys who go way back. But we're also catching up. The thing about adulthood that no one really tells you is that you have to work harder and harder to stay in touch with people. We move, we relocate, we change, we drop on and off each other's radars. Social media may make us feel more connected, but it's a placebo, a sugar pill tricking us into thinking we're all still in each others lives when we're not. I'm thankful that I've still got enough room in my life for past folk, even if I don't get to see them very often.

Enjoy my conversation with my best friend. We learned to be in bands together. We learned to tour together. We learned to fight about band stuff while still keeping the tour van on the road together. We learned how to be mad and sour at each other right up to the moment we go on stage, and then all of it goes away, because you're playing music with guys who are your brothers, for God's sake. And for 40 minutes or so, there's no one closer in the world than you and the people you share that time with.



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