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Episode 46: Thomas Weir

Thomas Weir came to the house, sat down at the mic, and it was like we'd known each other already. It was a great joy to talk music and art and the clashes of commercialization and art and all the other things you jaw about with another musician. He's a driven and gifted drummer, and it's remarkable how much he talks about the actual work it went into getting that way. We tend to think that talent can only be manifested out of sheer inspiration or genius or chance, but Tom is an example of a guy who wanted to be better, and worked at it until he was.

Aside from drumming for Modern Colour, Lou, and probably a handful of other bands I don't even know about, Tom is an accomplished photographer (to which he thanks his father) and writer for Spirit Newspapers up in the Kensington/Port Richmond area of Philly. He's a man of many talents, and seems to always be keeping busy. Simply thinking about his life exhausts me.

Enjoy our chat, I certainly did. Check out his bands, check out The Spirit. Share this and any other episodes around. Be a scene supporter. It's the coolest. Cheers,


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