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129. West Philly Porch Fest 2019

Taking a break from format, Dan offers up a series of live performances from the West Philly Porch Fest, a DIY community music festival that boasted more than 180 acts performing over the course of an afternoon. Hosted on porches all over West Philadelphia, here are 8 performances, presented in a stream, giving you a taste of what it's like to wander the neighborhood in search of live music. Here's the artist list with episode times, do support the artists that you dig:

6:14 I Think Like Midnight

9:56 A Day Without Love

12:52 LikeBirds

18:26 Lady Sarkazm

20:54 St. Francis De Sales Choir

23:12 Dion Sujatmiko

28:11 Emo Spacebird

31:33 The Naked Sun

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