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249. Fall '22 Music Playlist, Part 2

Dan is back from vacation with another playlist episode, featuring great Philadelphia artists like Shannen Moser, Ron Gallo, Kate Dressed Up, Jackson Pines, and more. Avail yourself of the clickable playlist below, all the tracks and artist links are here. Go suport them!

1) Travel Lanes- Radiator- single

2) Naked Sun- Wooder- Modern Life (forthcoming)

3) Jackson Pines- Lost & Foude- Lost & Found EP

4) Kate Dressed Up- Fly Along- In Another Lifetime

5) Jack Zaferes- Amygdala- single

6) The Chairman Dances- Small Comforts- Small Comforts (forthcoming)

7) Ravens & Rust- Couch Surfing- Long Road EP

8) Scoopski- Steve and Nancy- single

9) Shannen Moser- Two Eyes- The Sun Still Seems To Move

10) Ron Gallo & Santa Chiara- ANYTHING BUT THIS- single

11) John Faye & Sug Daniels- Lightning In A Bottle- single (forthcoming)

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