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Dan and Mike were very nearly in a band together way back in 2004. 15 years later, they're catching up about Mike's newest project, Pretend Collective. Dan and Mike talk about Mike's time with bands like Hoots and Hellmouth, becoming himself as a musician and as a person, and the flip-side of always keeping busy as a musician. Pretend Collective's self-titled LP is out 9/13 on Giving Groove Records.


Back from a brief summer break, Dan talks with Yeho about his many, MANY projects, including Likebirds, Interminable, Circadian Rhythms, and more. Yeho tells about his musical education at CAPA as a clarinetist, studying in Miami, coming home to Philly, and finding himself in the jam band scene. The two discuss what kind of responsibilities are on performers and promoters in the midst of movements like #metoo, and racial exclusion in the music scene. 


Valentina Raffaelli returns to the show to talk to Dan about her upcoming record, 'Bring On The Fire', her fundraising to make it a reality, and all the tumultuous events that led up to the album being written in the first place. Talking openly about her recent separation from her partner, Valentina takes us through the writing and recording process of the record, and how it'll there to help others as much as it has helped her. Her fundraising campaign ends on July 17th, so if you like what you hear and want to help, go here to lend a hand. 


Dan and Marcelyn Lebovitz talk about the box of CDs she inherited from her brothers and how it changed her life, how much touring is "just enough", going to the Creative and Performing Arts High School of Philadelphia, and diversity in Philly DIY. She also hips Dan to bullet journaling, and offers to give him voice lessons (she's a classically trained singer), which he probably needs.

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Taking a break from format, Dan offers up a series of live performances from the West Philly Porch Fest, a DIY community music festival that boasted more than 180 acts performing over the course of an afternoon. Hosted on porches all over West Philadelphia, here are 8 performances, presented in a stream, giving you a taste of what it's like to wander the neighborhood in search of live music. Here's the artist list with episode times, do support the artists that you dig:

6:14 I Think Like Midnight

9:56 A Day Without Love

12:52 LikeBirds

18:26 Lady Sarkazm

20:54 St. Francis De Sales...


Dan and Elaine talk about her new live EP recorded at Philly's Music Ward, studying audio production as her school's only female recording student, what the Philly DIY scene has helped her accomplish, and a love of Sufjan Stevens. Elaine is on tour with Kate Dressed Up in June, go for more info.


After featuring Marc's band, Good Morning Daydreamer, on last episode's music compilation, it was good timing that he was able to talk with Dan. Dan and Marc go deep into how Marc came to music (spoiler: it involves a flute, and an upright bass), his influences (Miles Davis, Bill Evans, etc), and how he came back from a debilitating injury that threatened his ability to play music. The newest Good Morning Daydreamer record is called 'Rinse and Repeat' and is available everywhere you get digital music.


Dan and The Chairman Dances frontman Eric have a lively chat about his work with songwriter/producer/auteur Daniel Smith (Danielson), touring with Rhett Miller, and all the work and thought and work and people and work that goes into being able to do things like that. 


Ximena Violante and St. Clair Simmons, two members of the Latin folk/jazz/psychedelic group Interminable, sit down with Dan to talk about how they came to music, working in a band with so many different kinds of people and perspectives, how to tame a predominantly live sound in the studio, and coin the catchphrase "New People, Good Stuff". 


Dan sits down with Sterling Duns and RB Ricks of Hardwork Movement to talk about their influences, their love of all things Philadelphia, and the philosophy behind what makes the group what it is. Keeping the conversation free and loose, there's a lot of laughs, and a lot to think about (definitely the first time bell hooks has been discussed extensively). This episode was co-produced by Kyle Pulley of Headroom Studios.


With their new LP, ‘Pineapple Slasher’, out in the world, Jon Urban and John Rinaldo talk with Dan about the making of the record, how Tiger Castle morphed into a proper band after years of being Jon’s basement solo project, and working with The Headroom’s Kyle Pulley (Thin Lips) to put the finishing touches on the whole thing.


In the second part of the conversation, Dan and Brian talk more about Philly and it's music, Weathervane Music, and get into Brian's approach and philosophies towards recording and working with bands at Miner Street. And, of course, some good ol' geeking out about bands like Fugazi and Dr. Dog, to name just a few.


Dan went to Miner Street Recordings to talk with owner/producer Brian McTear, and it went so well, it’s a two-part episode. In Part 1, Dan and Brian talk about Brian’s early days in the Philly music scene, the rise and fall of trends/attitudes/bands/venues, opening his own studio, and forming the non-profit Weathervane Music in ‘09 amidst a failing economy. Enjoy an acceptable amount of name checking, nerding out on gear, and great stories about the people who were there at the right time along the way.


Welcome to the first episode of a new format called The Debut. Periodically, Dan will sit down with an artist or group that has just released their first work out into the world. They'll focus on the path that led up to their debut release, and play and talk about some of the music. It's a unique chance to hear from an artist at a unique point in their career: the beginning. 

This episode of The Debut is with Coleman Rigg, originally from Central PA, and now a part of the thriving Philly music scene. Check out his debut, self-titled EP and more at

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