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Dan and Marcelyn Lebovitz talk about the box of CDs she inherited from her brothers and how it changed her life, how much touring is "just enough", going to the Creative and Performing Arts High School of Philadelphia, and diversity in Philly DIY. She also hips Dan to bullet journaling, and offers to give him voice lessons (she's a classically trained singer), which he probably needs.

Photo by Mistycat Media


Taking a break from format, Dan offers up a series of live performances from the West Philly Porch Fest, a DIY community music festival that boasted more than 180 acts performing over the course of an afternoon. Hosted on porches all over West Philadelphia, here are 8 performances, presented in a stream, giving you a taste of what it's like to wander the neighborhood in search of live music. Here's the artist list with episode times, do support the artists that you dig:

6:14 I Think Like Midnight

9:56 A Day Without Love

12:52 LikeBirds

18:26 Lady Sarkazm

20:54 St. Francis De Sales...


Download the episode here.

Brian Walker reached out to me seemingly out of the blue and asked to be on the show. Like a flake, I didn’t respond to his first e-mail, so he sent me a second one. Like a jackass, I threw out the perfunctory “Hey, cool, shoot me some dates you’re available and we’ll go from there.” Which he did. And followed up again. Because of the flakiness of me. So we really have Brian to thank for all of this. 

A Day Without Love is Brian’s project, and he has a new record out called “Solace” on Sounds And Tones Records. Brian and I talk about the Philly DIY worl...

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