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Taking a break from the usual tried and true interview, Dan highlights 11 tracks from 11 Philadelphia area bands this week. Enjoy a mix of music from previous guests, as well as brand new folk that even Dan had never heard of until now. Complete track listing and artist links below. Support the artists you love; if you dig what you hear, go buy their tunes. They'll love you for it, I promise.

Tiger Castle- Don’t Debate Me

2) The Morellas- Let’s Go Home

3) Lylyly- Undead

4) J Solomon- Last Autumn

5) all boy/all girl- Bomb

6) Port Lucian- Lucid Dreaming II

7) Savan DePaul- Goddess...


Download the episode here. 


Summer is here. People are starting to eff off from work earlier and earlier in the week. My cucumber and tomato plants are taking over my already cramped back patio. I continue to wear my sunglasses everywhere, only now it’s less creepy to do so. I also refuse to go to the beach. It is definitely summer.


Hope you all are enjoying it. Some people have summer as a time where life slows down a bit and they can relax. Some people have their busiest time of year in the summer. Here at the swank offices of 25 O’Clock, we are neither more or less relaxed t...

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