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I dig having my old bandmates on, especially since they keep making new music. Nicklas Hughes was the drums to my bass in The Way Home, and the drums to my guitar in The Sobriquets. We’ve known each other for more than eight years, and it’s funny how much I didn’t really know about his early life, despite having spent all that time together. We get to it, though.

Nick is one of those guys that looks completely unassuming. But when he gets behind the kit, he blows people away. Some of my favorite compliments the band ever received were about Nick (“Man,...


Download the episode here.

Happy 50th episode, everybody! It's both surprising and not that we've gotten this far. I am, if nothing else, incredibly stubborn.

This week's episode is even more special, because it was recorded live in front of an audience at Philadelphia Podcast Festival. It's the second year I've done a live show for these guys, and it was a blast. One of my guests is Brian Erick of The Paper Jets, as well as co-host of The Great Albums Podcast. We met recently when I was on that show talking about Harry Nilsson, and Brian and I instantly became best friends. Also...


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The winter still perseveres here in the Mid Atlantic region and beyond, keeping most of us engaged in a steady beeline of home to work to home to couch. This weather can make hermits of even the most adventurous folk. It's made me appreciate the little things like: going outside for extended periods of time, dry socks, seeing people socially, etc. In places like Montreal, when the nice weather comes to pass, they seem to have a major outdoor festival every week of the summer. I guess if you stayed cooped up for such a concentrated period, you'd let lo...

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