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"I just like how [the blues are] open to interpretation. I'm terrible at playing songs like they're supposed to be played. I just kind of learn them and just start doing my own thing."

-Cam Clark

The first thing Dan and Cam start talking about is the Rolling Stones, so you know they're in good company together. Cam hails from the great state of Minnesota, spent some time in Boston, and has been part of the Philly scene for quite a few years now. He talks about his many albums with Midwestern Exposure, the evolution in style over the years, and how taking part in some folk worksh...


"I think performance is a muscle on some level. I was really, really bad at it when I started out. I would shake, my hands would shake, and I'd have a complete nervous breakdown and still manage to do it. [...] And now, that's not a thing. Mostly."
-Alec Stewart

Last time Dan and Alec talked, it was Ep25 as part of the first live show ever. Two years later, they finally get back to it. A more casual, careening episode than most, Dan and Alec converse about music both in and outside of Philly, the craft of playing and writing, the importance of a good open mic, and reminisce ab...

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