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With their new LP, ‘Pineapple Slasher’, out in the world, Jon Urban and John Rinaldo talk with Dan about the making of the record, how Tiger Castle morphed into a proper band after years of being Jon’s basement solo project, and working with The Headroom’s Kyle Pulley (Thin Lips) to put the finishing touches on the whole thing.


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Like two high school classes that missed each other by a couple of years, Emily Mineo and I were never really contemporaries, since I had called it a day right around the time that she was starting out in 2013. So, while we never shared a stage, and she has only recently put her new band together (they're called Nonna, something she swore me to secrecy about when we talked, since she hadn't made it public yet), I feel like we would have had a blast playing shows and hanging out at someplace like Connie's Ric Rac or Bourbon and Branch. She's got a huge...



Download the episode here.


Gonna try and keep this quick and brief. Which is always hard for me.


One of my least favorite things is moving. That is because one of my least favorite things is packing. I hate going through everything I own and taking it from the place that it is and putting it in a box. And then taking that box and moving it in a truck. To be truthful, I haven't moved since 2005. That's right, I've had the same apartment for ten years. That's how much I don't like moving.


So when I think about Baris Kaya and how he moved his entire life in his early 20s to Ameri...

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