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This week, we're doing something a bit different. Instead of the usual long-form conversation with a guest, I decided to highlight some past guests and their music. What I've put together is a collection of alternate performances (an artist will record two or three tunes when we get together) and new studio material from artists that wasn't completed yet when we talked. It's all in the spirit of discovering new music, and as a way to help people relax and relieve the tension of the upcoming election. We could all use a bit of that. 

Here's the playlist:




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Happy New Year to everyone! If you choose to mark it as a milestone, then do so. If you choose to ignore it, therefore making it some kind of reverse milestone (which is still kind of a milestone, if you ask me), then do so as well. Just try not to fight with each other. 


By now, most of us have emerged from the fortnight of eating/ drinking/ traveling/ gifting/ returning/sleeping in/wandering about, and are probably back in whatever passes for routine. I enjoyed my time around the holidays. I had people over. I celebrated. My parents came and saw t...



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A festive and hearty seasonal greeting to you all! I gotta level with you all, I am not feeling the holidays this year. I'm tired and cranky and general unpleasant when faced with having to think about or even do most holiday related things this year.  I'm having trouble pinning it down. I love getting together with people, I love eating, I love snow and tasteful lighting displays and all that. Just can't seem to get it together this year. It's driving my wife crazy. She's not at all wrong.


Anyways, you know what will make me and you feel better? If...

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