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Taking a break from the usual tried and true interview, Dan highlights 11 tracks from 11 Philadelphia area bands this week. Enjoy a mix of music from previous guests, as well as brand new folk that even Dan had never heard of until now. Complete track listing and artist links below. Support the artists you love; if you dig what you hear, go buy their tunes. They'll love you for it, I promise.

Tiger Castle- Don’t Debate Me

2) The Morellas- Let’s Go Home

3) Lylyly- Undead

4) J Solomon- Last Autumn

5) all boy/all girl- Bomb

6) Port Lucian- Lucid Dreaming II

7) Savan DePaul- Goddess...


Logan Roth and Arjun Dube of Trap Rabbit talk with Dan about forming a musical bond early on in college, of moving to Philadelphia with seemingly no plan, and playing in a basement for hours and hours, becoming what we now think of as a highly energetic, bombastic instrumental duo. The Philadelphia community, the pros and cons of virtuosity, and the soundtrack to Sonic the Hedgehog are all on the table in this very spirited conversation with two young but very experienced players. Check out their EP, 'Empress', produced by Eric Bazilian (The Hooters).


From the posts on the Philly DIY boards to the mic, Dan and Rasan talk about Rasan's return to songwriting and playing after a few years laying low. His band, Rasan In The Heyday (emphasis on "In"), are working hard, playing tons of shows, and working on new material as we speak. Dan and Rasan talk over Rasan's upbringing, his senior project of having his first rock band, and their mutual love of acts like Tegan and Sara, Fiona Apple, and Regina Spektor.

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