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Will Brown, forced to recently change his stage moniker due to his own name being simply too common to bear, talks with Dan about his new EP, 'Bedroom Prog'. An accomplished guitarist, drummer, and musical gun-for-hire, Will talks about the EP taking about 5 years of shaping, his work with groups like Deadfellow, Rylan Brooks, and Trap Rabbit, and his new 'indie-rock soul food' diet while in self-isolation.

(Photo by Katie Shea Walters)


Dan and Mike were very nearly in a band together way back in 2004. 15 years later, they're catching up about Mike's newest project, Pretend Collective. Dan and Mike talk about Mike's time with bands like Hoots and Hellmouth, becoming himself as a musician and as a person, and the flip-side of always keeping busy as a musician. Pretend Collective's self-titled LP is out 9/13 on Giving Groove Records.


"The whole experience of working on [Pattern Is Movement's 2014 record] was super fulfilling. It's a bummer you didn't hear about it, and I feel like a fair amount of people didn't just because we took so long. [...] That's one of the deficits of going away."
-Chris Ward

Dan talks with former Pattern Is Movement drummer/current talent buyer at Johnny Brenda’s Chris Ward, and it is epic. In Part 1, Chris takes us through his days touring in PIM, his relationship with bandmate Andrew Thiboldeaux, backing up St Vincent early in her career, and how he evolved his understanding of a...


Download the episode here.

Jonas Oesterle does it all: drums in Purples, runs Fergie's Open Mic, DJs the Bouffant Bangout every month, tours with Work Drugs, and more. Like so many fixtures of the Philly music scene, he throws himself into a wide variety of things that make so many other people love. 

We talk the usual talk about drumming and touring, and we explore both of our ties to the restaurant industry, as well as how doing a little bit of everything may not lead to "success", but it can definitely lead to feeling fulfilled. And sometimes, that's as good, if not better.



Download the episode here.

Josh Friedman is the drummer for The Lawsuits, and if you've ever had a chance to catch the Philly band do their thing, you will remember Josh as the animated, taller-than-his-kit dude who looks like he's having the time of his life. And that's because he is.

Josh and I talk about his love of working with all kinds of musicians, as a drummer as well as filling the role of engineer and producer at Hi5 Studios. We talk about our favorite Philly clubs to play, our love of the DIY space for shows, and we go down the rabbit hole that is Beck and his influenc...

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