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Since both Interminable and Hardwork Movement have been on the show, it's entirely fitting that Dan and Marty Gottlieb-Hollis get a chance to talk. Marty is an accomplished trumpet player, writer, composer, and member of both the aforementioned bands, as well as many more. Dan and Marty talk about how Marty came to the trumpet, putting it on hold for years to pursue hockey, picking it back up and deciding that it was missing from his life the whole time. Marty has a solo project called Martronimous, and a new single out now called 'Incompleteness', available anywhere you get di...


"It's just, like, 'millennial this' and 'millennial that' [...] We're about something, we're just not the ones being pushed by money. We know music just as well as y'all did, just like y'all got music from the people before you."

- Hetepsa (Briana Mills) on the never ending generational debate

Hetepsa (Briana Mills) and NuRa (Mark Cave) chat with Dan about growing up in 'Uptown Philadelphia', going to a unique ag/tech high school and competing in farm competitions, and their path to forming Camp Candle and making their extraordinary music. They riff on old radio classics like '...


"Electronic music is so... liquid. You can't put it in a box."

Dan talks to Paul, a young and incredibly accomplished electronic musician, about his massive body of work and the unique way he's chosen to string it all together. Paul makes music under more than a dozen different project names, and they all intertwine in some way. It's a bit of a head trip, and thankfully Paul has it all jotted down in a notebook to keep it straight. It's a spirited conversation about making music, having visual elements play a role, and the joy of losing yourself in the work. Check him out at for...


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Happy New Year to all! Thanks for heralding in 2015 with me/us/25 O'Clock. I hope everyone had a relaxing holiday season, or at least that it was free of undue stress. I know that can be asking a lot from a holiday season, but you got through it, so breathe.


I don't really like to make resolutions, especially at the start of the year. I do like to make plans, though, and 2015 is chock full of plans for 25 O'Clock. They include bringing you more in-depth conversations with some creative and talented people. They also include some more record-related s...

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