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In the conclusion, Dan and Katie (You Do You, Roberta Faceplant) finally get around to where Katie came from, how she got involved in the Philly music scene, and that she still gets nervous that she's going to forget the words to cover songs. She even turns it around and interviews Dan for a minute or so, and the two even share their takes on the night they met at Ardmore Music Hall for the Robert Hunter tribute. 


Amidst the isolation and distancing, Dan managed to connect with You Do You/Roberta Faceplant front-woman Katie Feeney via the internet, and man, were they happy to talk to each other! Part 1 includes talk about notebooks, missing playing shows, trolling Sly Fox Brewing for 8 years on Twitter, and going way in over your head when you're young and ambitious.


"I've had some sad nights, but that's where I adopted the 'next gig is the best gig' philosophy. [Because] it's the next one. It's the next one I get to play."

- Jonathan Colman

The show is back! Welcome back! Dan talks with bassist and all out charming son-of-a-gun Jonathan Colman about his work in the face-melting dance band Muscle Tough, his many day jobs (eg. "Lunch Lady Man"), and his approach to creating, practicing, and how the next gig is the always the best gig.  

Photo by Lisa Schaffer



Download the episode here.

When I first started the show back in 2014, I made a list of all my friends who were musicians/creative folk, and reach out to all of them to be on the show. Ben Tinsley was one of them, and while it’s taken a bit to get him on the show, it’s been worth the wait. This conversation is part interview, and part just two guys catching up who don’t get to see each other much anymore. 

Getting older seems to put a major cramp in being a creative person. There are expectations and demands and responsibilities that now seem even more pressing than they may have...



Download the episode here.


So I’d like to thank each and every one of you who are still actually reading these dispatches after the last one. I will admit, there was a lot going on in the whole turmoil department. Thankfully, everything sort of solved itself. The city didn’t pass the music registry bill, and the bank finally saw fit to return all the money that the scammers down in Florida took from me. We’re back to somewhat of a status quo here. It feels good. Or, at least, it feels normal. I don’t feel like I’m turning these into some sort of drama-laden bitch session, but...

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