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60 episodes. Every time I reach a round number, it surprises and delights me. 

On the show this week is Scott Ratinoff, who plays under the name Glorious Typing. He was my first live guest back on Episode 24, and it was great to get him in for a full one. Among the many topics we cover, I delve deeply into his improvised songwriting style, which he calls "folk freestyle". It's a fascinating songwriting tool, and as you can hear, I keep telling him it's a fascinating songwriting tool. 

We also reminisce about our days at open mics, what to make of people...


Download the episode here.


There's been a lot of things this week that are there to remind me that, for all intents and purposes, I am an adult. I appear as an adult to others. I have reached an age where I would be described by law enforcement as "an adult male". I have lived an amount of years that would qualify me both socially, as well as physically, as an adult. This is a subject that continues to baffle me because, as you can imagine: I don't feel like an adult.


My father's 60th birthday was this last weekend, so I travelled home with my wife (of eight and half years, whi...

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