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"I came here [to] study history, and now I'm an audio engineer, and I had no idea [...] Life takes you places."

Dan met Luke pretty recently at a Philly DIY gathering about press and promo, and was impressed by his knowledge of how to get your band out there. After listening to Luke's band, Port Arthur, it was a no-brainer to get him on the show. Dan and Luke talk Luke's classical training, his knack for arrangement, his record label Hickory Lane, and their impressions of Philly and the music and art therein.


"Maybe if I were younger, I would [feel] insecure about it. But now [...] I don't care. As long as I'm doing this and I can not be regretting it when I'm older [that] I didn't try at least, well, I try not to overanalyze it."
- Sarah Puleo on fronting goodnight/goodluck

Sarah Puleo and Eric Zrinsky of goodnight/goodluck sit down with Dan to talk about their new EP, 'Missing', working with Joe Reinhart (Hop Along) at The Headroom, and how letting go of careerist expectations can result in a much more satisfying experience as a band.  

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