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"[With] how much the 'music professionals' have let musicians down over the last 10 or 20 years, I think they should just shut up. Because it's easy being them, right?"

Jacopo may be Italian born, but he's been all over the world and back, and it shows in his music. Part gypsy folk, part Balkan, part moody rock, all original, Dan and Jacopo talk about his many records and travels (including his 500 mile hike of the Camino de Santiago). Improvisation, touring Europe, the kazoo, and The Cure: it's all covered (and more) in this conversation. 


"I grew up going to see live opera and the ballet. So all I wanted to play was Verdi [...] something catchy and fun for a ten year-old girl. But all [my teacher allowed] me to play was Bach until my fingers fell off!"

Growing up on a beach resort in Italy, loving opera and Motown, and having a very healthy obsession with good food, Valentina talks on all these things and more. From her former band, Sunshine Superman, to her newer solo work and her work with her folk band, Sparkle Pony, Dan and Valentina cover a lot of ground, and still manage to geek out about food, too. 

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