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Dan sits down with Mark Brown and Rob Tait of Hambone Relay for a conversation about DIY touring, playing 2+ hour shows, how to "jams", and the things they don't teach you in music school. They have a Philly music-centric podcast, too, called 'Dude, Check This Out!'. Hambone Relay are a Philly based instrumental organ-led combo, with strong influences from bands like Soulive and Medeski, Martin, and Wood. They have a new LP out called 'Say Hi To Earl', available on their website and anywhere you get digital music.


Since both Interminable and Hardwork Movement have been on the show, it's entirely fitting that Dan and Marty Gottlieb-Hollis get a chance to talk. Marty is an accomplished trumpet player, writer, composer, and member of both the aforementioned bands, as well as many more. Dan and Marty talk about how Marty came to the trumpet, putting it on hold for years to pursue hockey, picking it back up and deciding that it was missing from his life the whole time. Marty has a solo project called Martronimous, and a new single out now called 'Incompleteness', available anywhere you get di...


After featuring Marc's band, Good Morning Daydreamer, on last episode's music compilation, it was good timing that he was able to talk with Dan. Dan and Marc go deep into how Marc came to music (spoiler: it involves a flute, and an upright bass), his influences (Miles Davis, Bill Evans, etc), and how he came back from a debilitating injury that threatened his ability to play music. The newest Good Morning Daydreamer record is called 'Rinse and Repeat' and is available everywhere you get digital music.


Logan Roth and Arjun Dube of Trap Rabbit talk with Dan about forming a musical bond early on in college, of moving to Philadelphia with seemingly no plan, and playing in a basement for hours and hours, becoming what we now think of as a highly energetic, bombastic instrumental duo. The Philadelphia community, the pros and cons of virtuosity, and the soundtrack to Sonic the Hedgehog are all on the table in this very spirited conversation with two young but very experienced players. Check out their EP, 'Empress', produced by Eric Bazilian (The Hooters).


"It's been an approach to band driecting that's bit me in the butt a few times, but also, I think, has born some amazing fruit. [...] I like to let the musicians I work with be [themselves]."

- Brian Blaker on his approach to Bison's Big Bang

On the eve of his departure for Portugal, Brian and Dan talk about Brian's jazz training, love of the saxophone, his time with Swift Technique, and his album under the name 'Bison’s Big Bang’. Brian recounts his early days as a music student in Philly, and how studying the dynamic of different kinds of jazz groups helped inform his own recor...


"I've had some sad nights, but that's where I adopted the 'next gig is the best gig' philosophy. [Because] it's the next one. It's the next one I get to play."

- Jonathan Colman

The show is back! Welcome back! Dan talks with bassist and all out charming son-of-a-gun Jonathan Colman about his work in the face-melting dance band Muscle Tough, his many day jobs (eg. "Lunch Lady Man"), and his approach to creating, practicing, and how the next gig is the always the best gig.  

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So I'm not gonna be one to complain. Which is always the first thing someone says when they're about to do just that. But I've been running myself ragged over the last couple of months. School, work, house stuff, trying to be a good husband, more going to work, all that jazz. I have to tell you all that keeping on top of this show, putting out an episode every two weeks, has been key in keeping me from simply drifting apart into the ether. There have been times over the last bunch of episodes where I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to get it to...

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