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"You're producing something, not for mass consumption, but also you're not producing for just yourself. Where's that line of interaction?"
- MH The Verb

MH the Verb, aka Marcus Harris, comes back for an hour full of great conversation and insight. Afro-futurism, touring, Oakland and the Bay area, A Tribe Called Quest, the tumultuous year that was 2016, and the making of his new record, ‘Afronaut’, are all on the table as Dan and MH catch up. They try their best not to be cranky old dudes, and are mostly successful.



Download the episode here.



It's been pretty hectic here in the 25 O'Clock basement lair as of late. I've been readying our whole online archive for the move ot the new server and website. Yes, that's right. It's actually happening. And while it's not terribly difficult to do, it is tedious. So I've been listening to every record I have by Jawbox while migrating all this data and stuff. It's been pretty sweet. I forgot how much I love Jawbox.


This week, I have Marcus Harris on the show, or as he's known onstage, MH The Verb. Marcus is an outstanding hip hop artist, and really...

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