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"Just when I think I'm out, you pull me back in."

Dan does the show in front of a crowd at Bridgeset Sound as part of the 5th Annual Philly Podcast Fest. On deck is Drew Mercadante, electronic musician, composer, producer, and all out schmoozer. Following Drew is Bruno Catrambone of Former Belle and Cruisr, talking about his new music, his touring, and the ever-present struggle of being onstage. Huge thanks to the Philly Podcast Fest organizers, Bridgeset Sound, the guests, and the outstanding audience.



Download the episode here.

Happy 50th episode, everybody! It's both surprising and not that we've gotten this far. I am, if nothing else, incredibly stubborn.

This week's episode is even more special, because it was recorded live in front of an audience at Philadelphia Podcast Festival. It's the second year I've done a live show for these guys, and it was a blast. One of my guests is Brian Erick of The Paper Jets, as well as co-host of The Great Albums Podcast. We met recently when I was on that show talking about Harry Nilsson, and Brian and I instantly became best friends. Also...



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Did I mention we did two live shows for Philly Podcast Fest? I did? Several times? Well, good. Here’s the other one.


As I said last time, I’m pleased with these shows for many reasons. I’m pleased to talk with whom I talk with. I’m pleased with their musical performances. I’m pleased that the audience seemed to be into it all the way through. I’m pleased that we got to make something unique and special in a moment, and that we also thought to record it so we could share it with the rest of you. 


Huge thanks to Drew Harris, Alec Stewart and Dave Dehar...



Download the episode here.


This week, I’m beyond excited to put out my first live podcast ever. It was such a blast to do. There are a lot of emotions. Mostly relief. Is relief an emotion? It is for me. It means an end to whatever thing was making me anxious/frantic/hard to be around. It was a huge weight off of me to get this thing done, and to know that everything was going to be fine.


I am by no means a stranger to performing in front of others. I’ve been a musician for most of my life, and being in front of people, even alone, does not really phase me anymore. Without the...



Download the episode here.


I’m back from vacation. I walked back into the house, put the clothes in the wash, and sat down to put together this week’s episode. I had even entertained the idea of editing and doing the intro and outro from my room overlooking the Chesapeake Bay while I was out there. I brought the laptop, the headphones, the notebook, my little travel USB microphone, the whole deal. Maybe get some wind and sea sounds in there, make it real authentic and all. Didn’t touch them. They sat in my backpack the whole time. Sometimes you just gotta unplug.


On the show t...



Download the episode here.


Happy continuing summer season to all! We're all still here. We haven't melted into a puddle. We haven't been eaten by sharks, bears, um... moose... and... um... other things you may encounter during summer.


First off, some important dates:


-August 29th and September 5th. I'll be doing live tapings of the show for the Philly Podcast Festival at Bridgeset Sound, at 710 South Street. 8/29 will feature Drew Harris of The Naked Sun, Wilmington singer-songwriter Rachel Schain, and Benjamin Hughes, whom you might remember from Episode 12, and who keeps put...



Download the episode here.


Randi Lawson is an extremely funny and sharp stand-up comic, and she was a pleasure to sit and talk with. Stand-up comedy is such an in-the-moment kind of performance, where you can know immediately if it’s working or not. It takes a certain kind of mind to be able to work with that, and a certain kind of disposition to want to do it in the first place. Randi is quiet and collected in person, but when she gets onstage, she’s an entertainer, plain and simple. She has a very popular Twitter that you should all be following. She’s been name checked by e...


Download the episode here.


Happy 20th episode, everyone!


I’ve finally finished the new home of 25 O’Clock, which is my basement. It’s actually pretty nice, and I’ll put up pics soon of the new secret lair. To tell the truth, I don’t think I’ve had everything all out and functioning in... well... ever. I’ve been acquiring gear and equipment for various purposes over the last 15 years or so, and I’ve finally got a place for all of it. It is immensely satisfying. 


On the show this week is Joe Reinhart. Joe runs The Headroom, a studio here in Philadelphia. He’s also in Dogs On Acid...

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