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Valentina Raffaelli returns to the show to talk to Dan about her upcoming record, 'Bring On The Fire', her fundraising to make it a reality, and all the tumultuous events that led up to the album being written in the first place. Talking openly about her recent separation from her partner, Valentina takes us through the writing and recording process of the record, and how it'll there to help others as much as it has helped her. Her fundraising campaign ends on July 17th, so if you like what you hear and want to help, go here to lend a hand. 


"I have three band rules for our band, and one is 'Failure to rock is not an option.'"
- Hawk Tubley, aka George Mostoller

Dan and Hawk talk about Hawk's amazing journey through the world of music, which took him from California to Montana to New York City to Alabama to Philadelphia, where he resides today. Along the way, Hawk (also called George) played with bands like the Freeloaders, Partial to Mabel, and his own group, Hawk Tubley and the Ozymandians. Hawk explains the difference between free jazz and free improv, the many modes of Sun Ra, playing with Oteil Burbidge and Mar...


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Sophie Coran is a smart, witty songwriter with a big ol' voice and things to say with it. Dan and Sophie talk about her travels in Europe, where she wrote and released her last EP, her year in a songwriting 'boot camp' in London, her return to her home in Philadelphia, and how she went about making her upcoming EP with the Philly band Darla. Go to to get all things Sophie.




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I got a piano recently. Not a real one, mind you, but a digital one, 64 keys, with a weird harpsichord patch that no one uses ever. I really like it. I go downstairs into the studio/lair and work on chords and figure out how to play Velvet Underground songs. I'm going to take lessons, but for now, I'm enjoying just having the thing in my house where I can sit and play at it whenever I want to. I've been having some wheezing/breathing issues lately, mostly due to allergies, and going downstairs and playing for a bit right before bed calms me down and...

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