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"I'm banking on enjoying [playing live]more than I ever have, because I don't live to make my life difficult any longer. And I did for a long time. But that's another episode."
- Rocco Renzetti

In Part 2 of this conversation, Dan and Rocco talk in detail about Rocco's project, New Speedway, and the new record, 'Total Babe', out on Time Castle Recordings. The nature of psychedelia, working with limitations, and what it all even means when it's done live: all this and more gets hashed out here.


"There was always a way to go see [music]. And not just bands you didn't know [...] Maybe once every two weeks, you could go see the Melvins or Dinosaur at the Trocadero [...] I was just about to turn into a teenager, and all these cool bands were happening."

- Rocco Renzetti on coming of age in Philly in the early 90s

Rocco Renzetti was the first Philly musician Dan met when he moved to the city so many years ago. Dan and Rocco talk about Rocco's upbringing in the Philly during the years when the city wasn't the most desirable place to hang out, and what they think about it bei...

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