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Originally aired on WXPN on May 26th, 2020, Dan teams up with XPN's own John Vettese to share a playlist of music curated from the podcast. John turns the tables and interviews Dan about starting the podcast, where he comes from and what he's been up to, and Dan talks about all of the artists in his playlist. Thanks to WXPN for making this team up happen, you can check them out on 88.5 FM (Greater Philly Area) and at Here's the playlist with artist links:

1) A Day Without Love- Good Friends Are Hard To Find- single

2) Needless Ghost- Sink Into The Sea- I'm Sorry For Ev...


This is one of the live stream radio shows Dan did back in April. It features, like all the playlist shows, a great lineup of Philly music. The show originally went out live on April 18th, and has been reconstructed for your listening pleasure. The full playlist with links can be found below. Enjoy!

1) Stella Ruze- Hustle the Load- The Greater Dog (2020)

2) Crow vs Lion- The Heart, The Time, The Pen- The Heart, The Time, The Pen (2019)

3) Coleman Rigg and the Ridge Runners- Too Close- single (2020)

4) Zigs (Zoe Ziegler)- 41st and Pine- single (2020)

5) Mike Bhaiya- Do You feat Bea...


Back in April, Dan did a handful of online live radio shows featuring tons of great Philly music. Unfortunately, two of those shows were lost to the ether after they happened. So Dan put them back together in the studio for your listening pleasure. Enjoy the playlist from April 8th, reassembled and better than ever. Here's the complete playlist, with artists links:

1) Ross Bellenoit- For Friends- Where Does The Light Go? (2020)

2) Hambone Relay- Star Climber (Live)- Live at Fourth on the Farm (2020)

3) Laura Lizcano- Corazon- single (2020)

4) Pretend Collective- They Own The Breeze...


Some of you were there, some of you missed it. So here's the live stream radio show Dan did on 4.4.20, live from the underground lair of 25 O'Clock. It features music from You Do You, King Pine, Martronimous, Forest Kids Collective, Dear Forbidden, John Morrison, and more. Also featured: all the fun and games of doing a live broadcast. Enjoy the show, it was a blast to do. Here's the playlist with artists links. Click about, give them your support if you can. 

1) You Do You- The Script- Funky Dinos (2020)

2) Sean Barna- God Save The Scene- Margaret Thatcher of the Lower East Side...


Download the episode here.

It's take me nearly 50 episodes, but I've now had two conversations with a podcaster (the first being back on Episode 4 with Tony Porecco). Kevin and I found each other via Twitter and the Philadelphia Podcast group on FB. We both dug each other's shows. It made sense to have him on. He's been podcasting since about 2007, he also employs the long-form conversational style that I do, and he never runs out of things to talk about. Sold.

We ping-pong back and forth amongst a myriad of topics, but one of the things that holds through the whole conversation...

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