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"Music [takes on] something much grander than escape for me, it becomes a lifeline to having a voice at all."

-John Faye

Dan and John Faye have been trying to sit down together for nearly two years, and it is well worth the wait. John talks about his long rollercoaster of a music career, from signing to a major label in the mid 90s (The Caulfields) to releasing nearly a dozen independent releases since. Taking the next year off from his usually non-stop performance schedule, John talks about focusing on his memoir, '1-Way To Avalon', and how it's shaping up to be anything but th...


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When two friends start a studio, that's big. When that studio lasts 10 years, that's bigger. And when they start a charity-based record label, that's even bigger. Matt and Mike have been friends since they were kids, have run a business together for a decade, and are now launching The Giving Groove, their new Philly based record label. Dan talks with them about their own Sine Studios, their roles in the Philly music scene, the secret to staying friends while also owning a business together, early "advice" from acclaimed producer Obie O'Brien, their tim...

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