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"We've been talking at each other our whole lives, why are there microphones here?"

-Dave Drago

For the 100th episode, Dan sits down with his brother, Dave, to talk about what it is to be a producer, a musician, and a creative person. Taped at Dave's studio in Western New York (1809 Studios), the two brothers talk about how each of them have helped shape each other's path, and clue each other in on things they might now have already known. Thanks to all the listeners over these 100 episodes, it's been a blast, and there are plenty more to come.

Photo by Stephen S. Reardon



Download the episode here.


I’m back from vacation. I walked back into the house, put the clothes in the wash, and sat down to put together this week’s episode. I had even entertained the idea of editing and doing the intro and outro from my room overlooking the Chesapeake Bay while I was out there. I brought the laptop, the headphones, the notebook, my little travel USB microphone, the whole deal. Maybe get some wind and sea sounds in there, make it real authentic and all. Didn’t touch them. They sat in my backpack the whole time. Sometimes you just gotta unplug.


On the show t...


Download the episode here.


Welcome to Episode 5! That's a thing, right? When you get to five of something, that's a thing you count, right? I feel like it is. 


We made it. Not just to a fifth episode, but also right up to the precipice of the holiday season. When you were a kid, this was the point where your expectations and excitement was reaching its full boiling point. You were a little ball of chaos and everything you did and felt seemed to have the volume and intensity level just cranked. And if there were more than one of you in the house (there were three of us, all boys...

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