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With her new record out, 'Wide Eyes, Brianna and Dan talk about her love of the electric guitar, her musician father's positive influence on her playing, and her competitive streak that drives her to be the best she can be. They talk about her time in the Temple University musician event group MEISA, their mutual love of Philly musicians like Abi Reimold and Ross Bellenoit, as well as their love for Dire Straits.


Taking a break from the usual tried and true interview, Dan highlights 11 tracks from 11 Philadelphia area bands this week. Enjoy a mix of music from previous guests, as well as brand new folk that even Dan had never heard of until now. Complete track listing and artist links below. Support the artists you love; if you dig what you hear, go buy their tunes. They'll love you for it, I promise.

Tiger Castle- Don’t Debate Me

2) The Morellas- Let’s Go Home

3) Lylyly- Undead

4) J Solomon- Last Autumn

5) all boy/all girl- Bomb

6) Port Lucian- Lucid Dreaming II

7) Savan DePaul- Goddess...


Download the episode here.

Sonja and Dan talk about her new record, 'Patterns We Know', and so much more. PJ Harvey, Kim Gordon, how Bob Dylan could benefit from an editor, their love of the Philadelphia music scene, and how when you hang around long enough, you end up meeting everyone you need to. Dan confesses what a bad podcast listener he is, and they discuss the difference between engaging with a work as a creator or as a fan, their many mutual friends, and are bonded by their love for the heady arrangements of Steely Dan. 


Download the episode here.

Can I just say how much I enjoy having guests on from time to time that I can talk about Phish with? Okay, enough about that, more about Ross.

Ross Bellenoit has played on, written, produced, and basically lived more music than most of us could ever hope to. He started out in Philly as part of Amos Lee's band, and has been a vital part of Philadelphia music since he arrived. Whether he's backing up a singer, producing at Turtle Studios, playing white hot guitar mayhem with his group Muscle Tough, or playing an intimate solo set by himself, Ross is makin...

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