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This week, we're doing something a bit different. Instead of the usual long-form conversation with a guest, I decided to highlight some past guests and their music. What I've put together is a collection of alternate performances (an artist will record two or three tunes when we get together) and new studio material from artists that wasn't completed yet when we talked. It's all in the spirit of discovering new music, and as a way to help people relax and relieve the tension of the upcoming election. We could all use a bit of that. 

Here's the playlist:




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I think what makes our heroes so amazing to us is that they are just like us, but they somehow find a way to transcend being just another face and become something more. They’re not immortal, and because of that, they die. But they keep being our heroes, and they keep influencing the world, and if that’s not a kind of immortality, I don’t know what is. So to all who lost a Bowie, a Rickman, a Kilmister, a Frey, or whatever your equivalent is, I’m with you. I feel sad. And then I put on “Queen Bitch” or “Jean Genie” or “Beauty and the Beast” and I ca...



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I feel like I haven’t done an episode in weeks. I feel like I took a big vacation from the show. I know we were putting out the live episodes from Philadelphia Podcast Fest, and I was still keeping the same production schedule for those episodes and all that. Still, it feel like I’m just getting back to normal. 


For those of us on the East Coast, particularly NYC and DC: Did you survive the Pope visits? For those living everywhere else: Hey, the Pope visited! And we survived! I said it on Episode 25 in my closing ramblings: regardless of anyone’s rel...

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