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Not only does Jeremiah come over to talk with Dan, he brings a couple of the guys in the Lore (his backing band): Ben Money and Tim Bostwick. The guys chat about their upbringing, about finally breaking out of their small hometown as musicians, and their incredibly unique approach to instrumentation that keeps them from being just another roots-folk band. They've got a new record out, 'From Bare Bones', available anywhere you get digital music.


Jesse Gimbel is an accomplished singer-songwriter, performer, and DIY producer and engineer. With a body of work that goes back more than a decade, Dan and Jesse have a lot to talk about: making music all by yourself, being really good at finishing things, taking on the creation of the videos for his songs, and how the "time" to be creative will never really be there unless you go and make it happen. Jesse has a new single out called 'Minds On Fire' (with a video he animated himself).


Katie and Dan go way back to a sidewalk show in 2009 that they both played, and have been friends ever since. Katie returns to the show (she was one of the first guests, way back on #14) to talk about her new record, 'Long Night Moon', her music being featured on Netflix in a pretty odd scene for a folk song, and some general songwriting catch-up for the two.


Dan and Dave talk about Dave's massive catalog of music, his long journey as a songwriter and performer, and how Debussy was right when he said that it's a great life to be a musician, but a crummy job. From his studies of South Indian Classical tradition to embracing the pop song in so many of it's forms, Dave Cope is a writer and musician who likes to break up his own patterns and see what shakes out. His newest LP, 'Dave Cope and the Sass', is out now everywhere you get music. 

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With her new record out, 'Wide Eyes, Brianna and Dan talk about her love of the electric guitar, her musician father's positive influence on her playing, and her competitive streak that drives her to be the best she can be. They talk about her time in the Temple University musician event group MEISA, their mutual love of Philly musicians like Abi Reimold and Ross Bellenoit, as well as their love for Dire Straits.


Dan saw Hemming (Candice Martello) play on a killer bill recently, and had to have her on to talk about her music, her fascinating trajectory as a musician, and colds. Candice and Dan chat about songwriting, the anxiety and fear in performing, being on the road with Chris Cornell, Rachael Yamagata, and Cayetana, and how she sometimes still needs a push from others to get her moving.


In the midst of working on her new full length LP, Kate Miller (aka Kate Dressed Up) sits down with Dan to talk about how she got here, how she writes, and how she wants to keep going further. Dan and Kate talk about their specific writing processes, Ani Difranco, Bright Eyes, having to do ‘everything’, collaborating with a couple of Ugandan musicians she met at a gig, and some mutual Asbury Park friends they didn’t realize they had until now.


"The people that are serious, [that are] dying to play music [are] people who are marginalized in some way. There's a lot less of that than I want there to be."

With his brand new release, 'Cissy', in tow, Sean and Dan delve into the deepest parts of that record. They also talk about Sean's journey from classical percussionist to 'slutty folk' musician, Bob Dylan, recording the record at a breakneck speed over a few days, and the chaos that is this modern landscape.


"Music [takes on] something much grander than escape for me, it becomes a lifeline to having a voice at all."

-John Faye

Dan and John Faye have been trying to sit down together for nearly two years, and it is well worth the wait. John talks about his long rollercoaster of a music career, from signing to a major label in the mid 90s (The Caulfields) to releasing nearly a dozen independent releases since. Taking the next year off from his usually non-stop performance schedule, John talks about focusing on his memoir, '1-Way To Avalon', and how it's shaping up to be anything but th...


"I think performance is a muscle on some level. I was really, really bad at it when I started out. I would shake, my hands would shake, and I'd have a complete nervous breakdown and still manage to do it. [...] And now, that's not a thing. Mostly."
-Alec Stewart

Last time Dan and Alec talked, it was Ep25 as part of the first live show ever. Two years later, they finally get back to it. A more casual, careening episode than most, Dan and Alec converse about music both in and outside of Philly, the craft of playing and writing, the importance of a good open mic, and reminisce ab...


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60 episodes. Every time I reach a round number, it surprises and delights me. 

On the show this week is Scott Ratinoff, who plays under the name Glorious Typing. He was my first live guest back on Episode 24, and it was great to get him in for a full one. Among the many topics we cover, I delve deeply into his improvised songwriting style, which he calls "folk freestyle". It's a fascinating songwriting tool, and as you can hear, I keep telling him it's a fascinating songwriting tool. 

We also reminisce about our days at open mics, what to make of people...


Download the episode here.

Happy New Year to all. It's gonna be okay. 

Jake Lewis is out of Brooklyn now, but his roots are in Central PA. We have a great chat that goes through his religious upbringing, his full-on rebellion in his teen years, and how by the time he was hitting 20, he was pretty much ready to settle down. His sound now is a great blend of folk and indie-rock, but his first bands were hardcore bands, with him on drums. 

The arc of Jake's path to where he is now is one of the more intense ones I've heard on the show, full of places where it all could have gone off...


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When I first started the show back in 2014, I made a list of all my friends who were musicians/creative folk, and reach out to all of them to be on the show. Ben Tinsley was one of them, and while it’s taken a bit to get him on the show, it’s been worth the wait. This conversation is part interview, and part just two guys catching up who don’t get to see each other much anymore. 

Getting older seems to put a major cramp in being a creative person. There are expectations and demands and responsibilities that now seem even more pressing than they may have...


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I met Thom McCarthy back in 2007. He worked for me at a bakery cafe for about two months. I was struck immediately by his enthusiasm for music, and his remarkably mature perspective at 20 years old. We would run into each other on and off for the next decade or so, but this is the first time I've had an in-depth conversation with him.  

Thom and I chat about his upbringing in a former coal mining town, and how his ties to the outdoors and love of nature really informed his new record 'Marvin The Giant', as well as his past record under the name Rock Kam...


Download the episode here.

Can I just say how much I enjoy having guests on from time to time that I can talk about Phish with? Okay, enough about that, more about Ross.

Ross Bellenoit has played on, written, produced, and basically lived more music than most of us could ever hope to. He started out in Philly as part of Amos Lee's band, and has been a vital part of Philadelphia music since he arrived. Whether he's backing up a singer, producing at Turtle Studios, playing white hot guitar mayhem with his group Muscle Tough, or playing an intimate solo set by himself, Ross is makin...

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