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"[It] was really upsetting [because] when I asked a lot of questions, I ended up being treated like a complete idiot the entire time I was in these classes [at Berklee]. And I think it was one hundred percent because of my gender."
- Ellen Tiberio-Shultz

From her upbringing in State College to her time at Berklee to her arrival in Philadelphia, Ellen Tiberio-Shultz has been building an impressive body of music. Dan and Ellen talk about playing house shows as a teen, the trappings of "authenticity", her complicated feelings about her music education (being one of the only women s...


"The whole experience of working on [Pattern Is Movement's 2014 record] was super fulfilling. It's a bummer you didn't hear about it, and I feel like a fair amount of people didn't just because we took so long. [...] That's one of the deficits of going away."
-Chris Ward

Dan talks with former Pattern Is Movement drummer/current talent buyer at Johnny Brenda’s Chris Ward, and it is epic. In Part 1, Chris takes us through his days touring in PIM, his relationship with bandmate Andrew Thiboldeaux, backing up St Vincent early in her career, and how he evolved his understanding of a...


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Summer is here. People are starting to eff off from work earlier and earlier in the week. My cucumber and tomato plants are taking over my already cramped back patio. I continue to wear my sunglasses everywhere, only now it’s less creepy to do so. I also refuse to go to the beach. It is definitely summer.


Hope you all are enjoying it. Some people have summer as a time where life slows down a bit and they can relax. Some people have their busiest time of year in the summer. Here at the swank offices of 25 O’Clock, we are neither more or less relaxed t...

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