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"It's been an approach to band driecting that's bit me in the butt a few times, but also, I think, has born some amazing fruit. [...] I like to let the musicians I work with be [themselves]."

- Brian Blaker on his approach to Bison's Big Bang

On the eve of his departure for Portugal, Brian and Dan talk about Brian's jazz training, love of the saxophone, his time with Swift Technique, and his album under the name 'Bison’s Big Bang’. Brian recounts his early days as a music student in Philly, and how studying the dynamic of different kinds of jazz groups helped inform his own recor...



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So I’d like to thank each and every one of you who are still actually reading these dispatches after the last one. I will admit, there was a lot going on in the whole turmoil department. Thankfully, everything sort of solved itself. The city didn’t pass the music registry bill, and the bank finally saw fit to return all the money that the scammers down in Florida took from me. We’re back to somewhat of a status quo here. It feels good. Or, at least, it feels normal. I don’t feel like I’m turning these into some sort of drama-laden bitch session, but...

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