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Dan sits down with three (of four) members of the band Madame Jones: Steve Gudelunas, Maura and Tyler Blanchard. They all talk about the dynamics of being in a band, writing together, and the joy of the live show. A truly delightful conversation, and a soulful, roots-rock band. Go to to check out their EP.



Download the episode here.

Paloma Gil and Louise Hayat-Camard are The Dove and the Wolf, a couple of Parisian musicians who have found a home in Philadelphia over the last few years. Dan, Lou and Paloma talk about their different upbringings, Paris as the place that formed them, their differing (but complimenting) personalities, and how their friendship has been the core of everything they've done. They have an EP out on Fat Possum Records, 'I Don't Know What To Feel'.



Download the episode here.

When she's not managing four of the best bands Philly has to offer (including The Districts and The Dove and the Wolf), Marley has been known to stop moving for a second or two. She stops by the show to talk with Dan about working with the bands she truly loves, how there's no magic formula to a band's success, being backstage at the Rolling Stones (she still can't believe that happened), and turning down a more stable career as a publicist for some pretty big names so she can concentrate on being part of the Philadelphia scene. We're brought to you ag...

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