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"It's just, like, 'millennial this' and 'millennial that' [...] We're about something, we're just not the ones being pushed by money. We know music just as well as y'all did, just like y'all got music from the people before you."

- Hetepsa (Briana Mills) on the never ending generational debate

Hetepsa (Briana Mills) and NuRa (Mark Cave) chat with Dan about growing up in 'Uptown Philadelphia', going to a unique ag/tech high school and competing in farm competitions, and their path to forming Camp Candle and making their extraordinary music. They riff on old radio classics like '...


Think of this episode as a sort of 'night before'. With the 100th episode nearly upon us, Dan put together a look at some of the highlights of the last three and a half years of the show. Listen to selections from conversations from Joe Reinhart, Kyle Pulley, Marley McNamara, John Vettese, and more. Musical highlights, too! Enjoy a look at just a few of the many great episodes over the years.

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Download the episode here.


I don’t really have much to ramble about this week. I was sick, now I’m not. It was cold, now it isn’t. Leo Dicaprio had no Oscars, and now he does. The world continues to spin.


This week on the show, I was thrilled to sit down with John Vettese. Those in the Greater Philly Area might not know John by name, but you’re probably familliar with WXPN, which is the non-commercial rock station ‘round these parts. John runs The Key, which is the social media arm of the station. I’ve been reading The Key since its inception, and I’ve always been curious as t...



Download the episode here.


So I’d like to thank each and every one of you who are still actually reading these dispatches after the last one. I will admit, there was a lot going on in the whole turmoil department. Thankfully, everything sort of solved itself. The city didn’t pass the music registry bill, and the bank finally saw fit to return all the money that the scammers down in Florida took from me. We’re back to somewhat of a status quo here. It feels good. Or, at least, it feels normal. I don’t feel like I’m turning these into some sort of drama-laden bitch session, but...



Download the episode here.



There is a ton to talk about this week. Just a huge amount of stuff. Here we go.


So, rather than see the Shark Tape/Figgs show last Friday, I spent the evening on the phone with my bank because my checking account was... DUN DUN DUUUUUUNNNN... cloned by identity thieves. They were running amok in several Wal marts in the Miami area. What the heck is it with Florida and identity theft? Seriously. No offense to anyone who lives in Florida, I’m sure you’re not an identity thief. But really. Try and get control of your state. Everything’s been fixed/cha...

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