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Valentina Raffaelli returns to the show to talk to Dan about her upcoming record, 'Bring On The Fire', her fundraising to make it a reality, and all the tumultuous events that led up to the album being written in the first place. Talking openly about her recent separation from her partner, Valentina takes us through the writing and recording process of the record, and how it'll there to help others as much as it has helped her. Her fundraising campaign ends on July 17th, so if you like what you hear and want to help, go here to lend a hand. 


"I grew up going to see live opera and the ballet. So all I wanted to play was Verdi [...] something catchy and fun for a ten year-old girl. But all [my teacher allowed] me to play was Bach until my fingers fell off!"

Growing up on a beach resort in Italy, loving opera and Motown, and having a very healthy obsession with good food, Valentina talks on all these things and more. From her former band, Sunshine Superman, to her newer solo work and her work with her folk band, Sparkle Pony, Dan and Valentina cover a lot of ground, and still manage to geek out about food, too. 

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