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In the second part of the conversation, Dan and Brian talk more about Philly and it's music, Weathervane Music, and get into Brian's approach and philosophies towards recording and working with bands at Miner Street. And, of course, some good ol' geeking out about bands like Fugazi and Dr. Dog, to name just a few.


Dan went to Miner Street Recordings to talk with owner/producer Brian McTear, and it went so well, it’s a two-part episode. In Part 1, Dan and Brian talk about Brian’s early days in the Philly music scene, the rise and fall of trends/attitudes/bands/venues, opening his own studio, and forming the non-profit Weathervane Music in ‘09 amidst a failing economy. Enjoy an acceptable amount of name checking, nerding out on gear, and great stories about the people who were there at the right time along the way.

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