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Taking a break from format, Dan offers up a series of live performances from the West Philly Porch Fest, a DIY community music festival that boasted more than 180 acts performing over the course of an afternoon. Hosted on porches all over West Philadelphia, here are 8 performances, presented in a stream, giving you a taste of what it's like to wander the neighborhood in search of live music. Here's the artist list with episode times, do support the artists that you dig:

6:14 I Think Like Midnight

9:56 A Day Without Love

12:52 LikeBirds

18:26 Lady Sarkazm

20:54 St. Francis De Sales...


Download the episode here.

Owen Lyman-Schmidt and Bobby Szafranski are Driftwood Soldier, a roots-folk duo that is so much more than a simple genre tag. Their music is dark, brooding, and alive with characters and stories that are seemingly out of our realm of experience, but really not that far. Dan has a great time talking with them about their new record, 'Blessings and Blasphemy', and their upcoming West Philadelphia Porch Fest


Download the episode here.

Dan and Raphael talk about not-music as much as they talk about music. Raph leads a rich and full life outside of fronting/performing as Hezekiah Jones. He loves his garden, he's constantly digging things out of his back yard that the previous homeowner buried there over the decades, and he really likes to listen to Glenn Miller and The Singing Nun. All this and more brings about one of the odder but most enjoyable conversations Dan has had with a guest. Also, we're sponsored by West Philly Porch Fest, happening on June 3rd. Go to westphillyporchfest.c...

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