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Rachel and I met doing our rounds of each other's hometowns years ago. She would come up from Wilmington to do the open mics, and my band I were just starting to play down in Wilmington, with the help of then-newbies Gable Music Ventures. I remember running into Rachel on the street in downtown Wilmington during a load-in, and having a conversation about the George Thorogood mural, and how not too many folks give George the credit he deserves. Our paths have been forever linked since.

We talk about a ton of topics this week. Rachel is not shy, she's not...



Download the episode here.



There is a ton to talk about this week. Just a huge amount of stuff. Here we go.


So, rather than see the Shark Tape/Figgs show last Friday, I spent the evening on the phone with my bank because my checking account was... DUN DUN DUUUUUUNNNN... cloned by identity thieves. They were running amok in several Wal marts in the Miami area. What the heck is it with Florida and identity theft? Seriously. No offense to anyone who lives in Florida, I’m sure you’re not an identity thief. But really. Try and get control of your state. Everything’s been fixed/cha...



Download the episode here.



I made it almost to Christmas, but my body is trying to give up. I’m developing the beginning nag of a cold. I’ve fought it back with tea, oranges, and my patented concoction of pickle juice and a dash of hot sauce. It seems to be working. I’m glad I recorded the intro and outro last night, I sound almost normal. Well, normal for me.


On the show this week is Jeremy Hebbel from Gable Music Ventures. Gable is a music and event promoter out of Wilmington that have really built a scene in Wilmington, and attract a ton of great artists from out of Delawa...

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