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Originally aired on WXPN on May 26th, 2020, Dan teams up with XPN's own John Vettese to share a playlist of music curated from the podcast. John turns the tables and interviews Dan about starting the podcast, where he comes from and what he's been up to, and Dan talks about all of the artists in his playlist. Thanks to WXPN for making this team up happen, you can check them out on 88.5 FM (Greater Philly Area) and at Here's the playlist with artist links:

1) A Day Without Love- Good Friends Are Hard To Find- single

2) Needless Ghost- Sink Into The Sea- I'm Sorry For Ev...


John Morrison is a DJ, producer, musician, writer, podcast host, and a general Philly Renaissance man. Dan and John talk about John growing up seeing hip-hop at a young age thanks to his brother's influence, learning how to make his own samples, his tips for crate-digging, and the solitude of being your own beat-maker. More talk includes: high school tribes, getting someone else to edit your podcast, and how no one actually wants to be Joe Rogan, including Joe Rogan sometimes. John is the host of Culture Cypher Radio, a new program on WXPN 88.5 FM, and cohosts the podcast 'Seri...


Nick Rahn and Danielle Lovier have a band and a life together. Back from a long stint in New York City and here to stay, they talk to Dan about the differences in the scenes, writing together, different ways to practice, too many dogs in Point Breeze, and their band, all boy/all girl


Dan has two punk rock musicians from Philly's rough-and-tumble 90s scene: Geeta Simons (Rockula, Swisher) and Christine Weiser (Suffacox, Mae Pang), to talk about their newest project, RunHideFight. They talk guitars, growing up, the fun and challenges of making music now, of the ever-pressing "balance" of being moms that rock (both literally and figuratively), and how RunHideFight is something of a Philly super-group, featuring Brother JT (The Original Sins) and Jon Kois (Marah, Three 4 Tens). The band has a new 7" coming out on Hidden Volume Records on 9/28. 


Dan sits down in the control room of Uniform Recording to talk to producer/engineer/musician Jeff Zeigler about the life he's made making records and his own music in Philadelphia for the last two decades. While you might not know Jeff by name, you'd definitely be familiar with some of the artists he's helped: War On Drugs, Kurt Vile, Steve Gunn, Frightened Rabbit, and Waxahatchee's Allison Crutchfield, to name a few. He has a remarkable project, Valley Exit (the debut record gets Dan's big seal of approval), and has been a champion of Philadelphia talent from the get go. Dan a...


Download here.

Returning to the table, Hayden Sammak, aka Deadfellow, talks about his upcoming record, 'Millennials In Love (And Other Pre-Apocalyptic Standards)'. Recorded in Nashville with Carl Broemel (My Morning Jacket) and Robert Crowell (ex-Deer Tick), and in Philadelphia with Phil Nicolo (Studio 4), the record is out 9/14. Hayden and Dan chat about working in the studio with your heroes, management changes, and the joys of being friends with some really high class musicians.


"It's just, like, 'millennial this' and 'millennial that' [...] We're about something, we're just not the ones being pushed by money. We know music just as well as y'all did, just like y'all got music from the people before you."

- Hetepsa (Briana Mills) on the never ending generational debate

Hetepsa (Briana Mills) and NuRa (Mark Cave) chat with Dan about growing up in 'Uptown Philadelphia', going to a unique ag/tech high school and competing in farm competitions, and their path to forming Camp Candle and making their extraordinary music. They riff on old radio classics like '...


Think of this episode as a sort of 'night before'. With the 100th episode nearly upon us, Dan put together a look at some of the highlights of the last three and a half years of the show. Listen to selections from conversations from Joe Reinhart, Kyle Pulley, Marley McNamara, John Vettese, and more. Musical highlights, too! Enjoy a look at just a few of the many great episodes over the years.

Download episode here.


"[It] was really upsetting [because] when I asked a lot of questions, I ended up being treated like a complete idiot the entire time I was in these classes [at Berklee]. And I think it was one hundred percent because of my gender."
- Ellen Tiberio-Shultz

From her upbringing in State College to her time at Berklee to her arrival in Philadelphia, Ellen Tiberio-Shultz has been building an impressive body of music. Dan and Ellen talk about playing house shows as a teen, the trappings of "authenticity", her complicated feelings about her music education (being one of the only women s...


"I've thought about taking [guitar] lessons, [just] learning a few skills that I've missed over the last 25 years. If I am going to be a little more 'solo-y' here and there, it might be nice to know what I'm doing." -Andrew Chalfen

Andrew Chalfen fronts the post-punk instrumental band I Think Like Midnight, and plays one mean guitar. With a new record, 'This Land Is Your Mind' (produced by Brian McTear), out in the world, Dan and Andrew talk Andrew's upbringing outside Boston, their love of the late Tommy Keane, and still being on the hunt for new music that wows them. Stick aro...


"Am I physically putting pen to paper? No. But I'm thinking about it, all day, every day. [...] And if a phrase or a word or an idea comes to my mind, I will write that down, and I collect them all [for when] it's time to write." -Andrew Harris on his songwriting process

Andrew Harris fronts The Naked Sun, a folk-rock band that's releasing it's third record, 'War With Shadows'. Dan and Drew talk about the band working with producer Brian McTear (War On Drugs, Kurt Vile), the writing process, the importance of singing together, and the age old battle with squirrels in your garden...


"Music [takes on] something much grander than escape for me, it becomes a lifeline to having a voice at all."

-John Faye

Dan and John Faye have been trying to sit down together for nearly two years, and it is well worth the wait. John talks about his long rollercoaster of a music career, from signing to a major label in the mid 90s (The Caulfields) to releasing nearly a dozen independent releases since. Taking the next year off from his usually non-stop performance schedule, John talks about focusing on his memoir, '1-Way To Avalon', and how it's shaping up to be anything but th...


"I've had some sad nights, but that's where I adopted the 'next gig is the best gig' philosophy. [Because] it's the next one. It's the next one I get to play."

- Jonathan Colman

The show is back! Welcome back! Dan talks with bassist and all out charming son-of-a-gun Jonathan Colman about his work in the face-melting dance band Muscle Tough, his many day jobs (eg. "Lunch Lady Man"), and his approach to creating, practicing, and how the next gig is the always the best gig.  

Photo by Lisa Schaffer



"[There's] no such thing as a bad piece of gear. There's a right piece of gear. And a really nice piece of gear can do a lot of things well, but even the worst piece of gear can do one thing really well. And you just gotta find what that is."
-Kyle Pulley on recording

Kyle and Dan sit down and get right to it, talking about the need for editing, bass playing tips (Kyle plays bass for Thin Lips, a stellar Philly band), forming The Head Room with friend Joe Reinhart (Hop Along), and how he's worked very hard to become a better and better producer with every session. Kyle produce...


"I just like how [the blues are] open to interpretation. I'm terrible at playing songs like they're supposed to be played. I just kind of learn them and just start doing my own thing."

-Cam Clark

The first thing Dan and Cam start talking about is the Rolling Stones, so you know they're in good company together. Cam hails from the great state of Minnesota, spent some time in Boston, and has been part of the Philly scene for quite a few years now. He talks about his many albums with Midwestern Exposure, the evolution in style over the years, and how taking part in some folk worksh...

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