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"I think performance is a muscle on some level. I was really, really bad at it when I started out. I would shake, my hands would shake, and I'd have a complete nervous breakdown and still manage to do it. [...] And now, that's not a thing. Mostly."
-Alec Stewart

Last time Dan and Alec talked, it was Ep25 as part of the first live show ever. Two years later, they finally get back to it. A more casual, careening episode than most, Dan and Alec converse about music both in and outside of Philly, the craft of playing and writing, the importance of a good open mic, and reminisce ab...


"I have three band rules for our band, and one is 'Failure to rock is not an option.'"
- Hawk Tubley, aka George Mostoller

Dan and Hawk talk about Hawk's amazing journey through the world of music, which took him from California to Montana to New York City to Alabama to Philadelphia, where he resides today. Along the way, Hawk (also called George) played with bands like the Freeloaders, Partial to Mabel, and his own group, Hawk Tubley and the Ozymandians. Hawk explains the difference between free jazz and free improv, the many modes of Sun Ra, playing with Oteil Burbidge and Mar...


Download the episode here.

Sophie Coran is a smart, witty songwriter with a big ol' voice and things to say with it. Dan and Sophie talk about her travels in Europe, where she wrote and released her last EP, her year in a songwriting 'boot camp' in London, her return to her home in Philadelphia, and how she went about making her upcoming EP with the Philly band Darla. Go to to get all things Sophie.



Download the episode here.

Dan sits down with three (of four) members of the band Madame Jones: Steve Gudelunas, Maura and Tyler Blanchard. They all talk about the dynamics of being in a band, writing together, and the joy of the live show. A truly delightful conversation, and a soulful, roots-rock band. Go to to check out their EP.



Download the episode here.

Paloma Gil and Louise Hayat-Camard are The Dove and the Wolf, a couple of Parisian musicians who have found a home in Philadelphia over the last few years. Dan, Lou and Paloma talk about their different upbringings, Paris as the place that formed them, their differing (but complimenting) personalities, and how their friendship has been the core of everything they've done. They have an EP out on Fat Possum Records, 'I Don't Know What To Feel'.



Download the episode here.

Hayden had to come twice to the studio, but in the end, it was all worth it for a great conversation with the man behind the Deadfellow personae. Dan and Hayden talk about his antics going to school in Florida (disclaimer: no animals were harmed), his need to create a body of work that meant something to him, and how the current immediacy in our culture makes it hard to have a proper reaction to anything. The newest Deadfellow record, 'Mescalifornia: A California Dream' is out on 6/23, go to his his website at to get it.



Download the episode here.

Bill Lambusta and Brian Erick join Dan for a long overdue visit to the table to talk about their very successful podcast, 'The Great Albums'. Having known each other since college, playing in bands together, it makes perfect sense that these two music aficionados have a show like this, and stick to the maxim "Fans, Not Critics". The three talk about their favorite records, how they got into podcasting, and what the importance of music is to them all these years later.


Download the episode here.

Ash Kernen (Love Cartel) and Dan met at a networking thing a while back, and proceeded to play phone/e-mail/Facebook tag for nearly half a year. Ash sat down at the table a couple of months ago, and talked about his troubled youth, his love of music, using music as a means of social activism, and becoming a music lawyer after years and years of playing in bands. Ash is a passionate artist, and a passionate human when it comes to helping other artists feel their way through the complicated music business world. Also, we're supported by West Philly Porch...


Download the episode here.

Owen Lyman-Schmidt and Bobby Szafranski are Driftwood Soldier, a roots-folk duo that is so much more than a simple genre tag. Their music is dark, brooding, and alive with characters and stories that are seemingly out of our realm of experience, but really not that far. Dan has a great time talking with them about their new record, 'Blessings and Blasphemy', and their upcoming West Philadelphia Porch Fest


Download the episode here.

Sonja and Dan talk about her new record, 'Patterns We Know', and so much more. PJ Harvey, Kim Gordon, how Bob Dylan could benefit from an editor, their love of the Philadelphia music scene, and how when you hang around long enough, you end up meeting everyone you need to. Dan confesses what a bad podcast listener he is, and they discuss the difference between engaging with a work as a creator or as a fan, their many mutual friends, and are bonded by their love for the heady arrangements of Steely Dan. 


Download the episode here.

I met Thom McCarthy back in 2007. He worked for me at a bakery cafe for about two months. I was struck immediately by his enthusiasm for music, and his remarkably mature perspective at 20 years old. We would run into each other on and off for the next decade or so, but this is the first time I've had an in-depth conversation with him.  

Thom and I chat about his upbringing in a former coal mining town, and how his ties to the outdoors and love of nature really informed his new record 'Marvin The Giant', as well as his past record under the name Rock Kam...


Download the episode here.

Bob Sweeney shot a live concert video of my old band, the Sobriquets, back in 2010. He shot the record release of The Way Home in 2012. I'm not sure if I even met him when he did those things. But we reconnected at Nicklas Hughes' release show, and it was pretty clear he had to be on the show. We just hit it off so easily, talking movies and music (we both have a huge love for Sonic Youth and Matador Records, to just scratch the surface). 

I love talking about the work that goes into making things. Bob works very hard at making music videos for countles...



Download the episode here.


I don’t really have much to ramble about this week. I was sick, now I’m not. It was cold, now it isn’t. Leo Dicaprio had no Oscars, and now he does. The world continues to spin.


This week on the show, I was thrilled to sit down with John Vettese. Those in the Greater Philly Area might not know John by name, but you’re probably familliar with WXPN, which is the non-commercial rock station ‘round these parts. John runs The Key, which is the social media arm of the station. I’ve been reading The Key since its inception, and I’ve always been curious as t...



Download the episode here.


So I’d like to thank each and every one of you who are still actually reading these dispatches after the last one. I will admit, there was a lot going on in the whole turmoil department. Thankfully, everything sort of solved itself. The city didn’t pass the music registry bill, and the bank finally saw fit to return all the money that the scammers down in Florida took from me. We’re back to somewhat of a status quo here. It feels good. Or, at least, it feels normal. I don’t feel like I’m turning these into some sort of drama-laden bitch session, but...



Download the episode here.



There is a ton to talk about this week. Just a huge amount of stuff. Here we go.


So, rather than see the Shark Tape/Figgs show last Friday, I spent the evening on the phone with my bank because my checking account was... DUN DUN DUUUUUUNNNN... cloned by identity thieves. They were running amok in several Wal marts in the Miami area. What the heck is it with Florida and identity theft? Seriously. No offense to anyone who lives in Florida, I’m sure you’re not an identity thief. But really. Try and get control of your state. Everything’s been fixed/cha...

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