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25 O' Clock: 

Real Conversations With Real People

I've been a huge fan of long-format interview shows for as long as I can remember. Charlie Rose, Terry Gross, Marc Maron; I love what comes out of taking the time to sit and talk with someone for longer than a few minutes. Everyone's got a great story, you just need to sit still long enough for them to let it out.​


As a former touring musician, I've met a ton of people. As a human, I've met even more. I wanted to be able to sit down with some of these people, listen to their stories, get to know them in a different way, and share it with the world. I talk to a lot of music-related people (they're who I know), but I love talking to anyone who has devoted part of themselves to any kind of artistic passion. Whether they make their living off of it, or just do it as a hobby, it's the passion that counts to me.


25 O' Clock is my way to engage with folk who love what they do. It's my way to find cool cats and have them talk and have you listen. Being a long time member of the Philadelphia music scene, it was only natural that I want to shine a light on all the great talent that lives here, as well as folk who pass through. I hope you dig it, I'm glad you're here, and I hope you hang out for a while. You never know who you're going to hear next.


Dan Drago


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