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Yo! That’s My Jawn is a podcast/website/brand/movement/way of life dedicated to the embrace and championing of your passions. Featuring conversations with musicians and creatives about finding their passions and acting on them, and segments celebrating anything you love unapologetically. Let’s take the guilt out of guilty pleasures. Displace the Guilt, Embrace the Pleasure.... and shout to the world, Yo! That's My Jawn! 

Welcome to…Your Next Favorite Band!  That’s both the show title, and our promise to you.  We are tireless in our pursuit of finding incredible, genre-defiant artists who are a hot, up-and-coming band, or a group who have been delivering for years but have flown under the radar.

We will bring you livestreamspodcasts, and perhaps even a live concert where you can listen to the stories and hear the music of artists personally curated by us based what we feel will be worthy of your time. 


John Faye breaks bread with fellow working musicians and creatives in this Patreon-funded fly-on-the-wall podcast. New episodes each month on Patreon. Archived episodes available here, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts.

Let’s Take a Spin is a podcast/show hosted by Singer/Songwriter/Multi-instrumentalist Rob Tait, who loves gabbing about all things music! He brings on his friends, where they discuss their albums, what's inspired them and new songs that maybe you haven't heard yet! Specializing in the styles of Americana, Folk, “singer-songwriter” (it’s technically a genre), and country (without the cliches), play let’s take a spin any time you’re traveling and let Rob Tait DJ for you!

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