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318. James Everhart (Cosmic Guilt)

Dan talks with James Everhart, a man who's been part of a lot of Philadelphia music over the years, about his long tenure amidst bands like Low Cut Connie, Scantron, and his current project, 10-member supergroup Cosmic Guilt. James talks about hitting the road with Low Cut Connie right out of college, and how he had to pull back from the touring life for his own mental health and stability. Dan and James talk about the careful balance that it takes to have a band with 10 members, British psych folk, James' designs for Philly brewery Human Robot, letting each member put their mark on a song, a close eye on visual aesthetics, and the inspiration for their newest album being a mansion made out of junk in Vineland, NJ. Cosmic Guilt's newest album, 'Palace Of Depression', is out May 31st on their Bandcamp and wherever you get digital music. 


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