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Will Brown, forced to recently change his stage moniker due to his own name being simply too common to bear, talks with Dan about his new EP, 'Bedroom Prog'. An accomplished guitarist, drummer, and musical gun-for-hire, Will talks about the EP taking about 5 years of shaping, his work with groups like Deadfellow, Rylan Brooks, and Trap Rabbit, and his new 'indie-rock soul food' diet while in self-isolation.

(Photo by Katie Shea Walters)


This is one of the live stream radio shows Dan did back in April. It features, like all the playlist shows, a great lineup of Philly music. The show originally went out live on April 18th, and has been reconstructed for your listening pleasure. The full playlist with links can be found below. Enjoy!

1) Stella Ruze- Hustle the Load- The Greater Dog (2020)

2) Crow vs Lion- The Heart, The Time, The Pen- The Heart, The Time, The Pen (2019)

3) Coleman Rigg and the Ridge Runners- Too Close- single (2020)

4) Zigs (Zoe Ziegler)- 41st and Pine- single (2020)

5) Mike Bhaiya- Do You feat Bea...


Back in April, Dan did a handful of online live radio shows featuring tons of great Philly music. Unfortunately, two of those shows were lost to the ether after they happened. So Dan put them back together in the studio for your listening pleasure. Enjoy the playlist from April 8th, reassembled and better than ever. Here's the complete playlist, with artists links:

1) Ross Bellenoit- For Friends- Where Does The Light Go? (2020)

2) Hambone Relay- Star Climber (Live)- Live at Fourth on the Farm (2020)

3) Laura Lizcano- Corazon- single (2020)

4) Pretend Collective- They Own The Breeze...


In the conclusion, Dan and Katie (You Do You, Roberta Faceplant) finally get around to where Katie came from, how she got involved in the Philly music scene, and that she still gets nervous that she's going to forget the words to cover songs. She even turns it around and interviews Dan for a minute or so, and the two even share their takes on the night they met at Ardmore Music Hall for the Robert Hunter tribute. 


Amidst the isolation and distancing, Dan managed to connect with You Do You/Roberta Faceplant front-woman Katie Feeney via the internet, and man, were they happy to talk to each other! Part 1 includes talk about notebooks, missing playing shows, trolling Sly Fox Brewing for 8 years on Twitter, and going way in over your head when you're young and ambitious.


Bo Rains and Mitch Beer are one of Philly's music power couples. Both have extensive background in session playing, live bands, songwriting, producing, and mentoring. Bo has worked in NYC, Nashville, and beyond. Mitch is known in Philly for his part in Stereo League, BAM, and as a live bassist for Digable Planets. They've just launched Rebel Joy Music Educators, a service that brings high-end music lessons and coaching right to your computer. In a time of social distancing, Rebel Joy offers lessons, songwriting help, production skills, and one-on-one mentoring. It was a blast t...


At the end of February, Brett Kull and JD Beck of Rise Twain came over to talk and play. It was a great time then, and going back and listening in lieu of releasing it, it was a great time to just hear it again. Brett and JD talk about their new record, working together on and off for a decade or so, their particular approaches to writing and performing, and how they challenge and impress each other on a regular basis. 


Some of you were there, some of you missed it. So here's the live stream radio show Dan did on 4.4.20, live from the underground lair of 25 O'Clock. It features music from You Do You, King Pine, Martronimous, Forest Kids Collective, Dear Forbidden, John Morrison, and more. Also featured: all the fun and games of doing a live broadcast. Enjoy the show, it was a blast to do. Here's the playlist with artists links. Click about, give them your support if you can. 

1) You Do You- The Script- Funky Dinos (2020)

2) Sean Barna- God Save The Scene- Margaret Thatcher of the Lower East Side...


Brendan Johnson and Katie O'Donnell of Stella Ruze were the last people to sit down with Dan in the studio before the pandemic was declared. It was also an evening of massive equipment shenanigans, which does not diminish the conversation in any way, but rather makes for a better story. Brendan and Katie talk about the band's new record, 'The Greater Dog' (recorded at Miner Street Studios with Matt Poirier and Brian McTear), becoming a better live band, their very musical upbringings, and all the groups in Philly that they love. 


Upholstery members Jeremy Prouty and Kate Black-Regan came by to talk with Dan about the intersection of the Philly theater and music scenes, making their own puppets, costume changes, and the unique process they go through to make their very unique sound. 


In the gripping conclusion of Dan and Jesse Lundy's conversation (which starts with the sentence "Ok, so where were we?"), Jesse details the end of days for The Point, and the growing of Point Entertainment, and their relationship with venues like the Keswick Theater, Ardmore Music Hall, and Locks at SONA. Jesse even talks a bit about his musical project with Hannah Taylor, and how he doesn't like to use his job as a promoter to get special treatment as a musician (unless it's to open for Delbert McClinton).


Jesse Lundy (Point Entertainment) has been part of the Philadelphia scene for 25 plus years, promoting concerts, booking, running the late Ardmore venue The Point for 8 years, and helping grow Philly artists like John Francis and The Brakes. Dan and Jesse talk about how he got into concerts, guitar, the blues, and how the music business is both horrible and wonderful all at the same time. Enjoy Part 1, Part 2 comes your way next week.


Dan met Lauren Hawkins (who plays under the name Eleanor Two) at a house show last fall, and was instantly taken with how unique her playing, songwriting, and guitar tone were. Lauren came over to chat about her travels about the country, the many instruments she plays besides guitar, how she honed in on her sound, the newness of recording her material for the first time, and her early love of Stanley Clarke and musicals.


Making the trek from Lebanon, PA, Alex Stanilla talks with Dan about growing up with a guitar virtuoso dad (and overcoming a fear of touching peoples' guitars), making his own music and records at home, starting his podcast, Until I Have A Girlfriend, to keep him from becoming an antisocial hermit, and his collective record label, Try Less Club. They also try their best not to name check major corporations for free, and fail completely.


Dan sits down with Mark Brown and Rob Tait of Hambone Relay for a conversation about DIY touring, playing 2+ hour shows, how to "jams", and the things they don't teach you in music school. They have a Philly music-centric podcast, too, called 'Dude, Check This Out!'. Hambone Relay are a Philly based instrumental organ-led combo, with strong influences from bands like Soulive and Medeski, Martin, and Wood. They have a new LP out called 'Say Hi To Earl', available on their website and anywhere you get digital music.

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