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Episode 5: Jon Lewis

Welcome to Episode 5! That's a thing, right? When you get to five of something, that's a thing you count, right? I feel like it is.

We made it. Not just to a fifth episode, but also right up to the precipice of the holiday season. When you were a kid, this was the point where your expectations and excitement was reaching its full boiling point. You were a little ball of chaos and everything you did and felt seemed to have the volume and intensity level just cranked. And if there were more than one of you in the house (there were three of us, all boys), than that pandemonium increased exponentially. The season had been built up so much in you by school, your family, television, shopping malls, etc. You were pretty much ready to explode. Remember trying to fall asleep on Christmas Eve? Yeah, that probably wasn't going to happen.

I guess what I'm getting at is that as we get older, the holidays take on a different meaning: obligation. We feel like we HAVE TO be at certain places, do certain things, buy objects for people, make certain foods and so on. I think that was the origin point of my holiday anxiety this year, which was worse than it had ever been. There seemed like there was so damn much obligation that my head and chest felt ready to explode. I met this anxiety with sourness and ire, which are two modes that I don't like to be in. The good thing was that once I started to accomplish some of the obligations, I realized that a) I like doing a lot of those things and b) I should just shut the hell up and let people enjoy themselves even if at the moment I was not. It seems to have worked out.

On the show this week is Jon Lewis. I'm so incredibly psyched to be able to put this episode out to you all. I sat and chatted with Jon over Thanksgiving weekend over at 1809 Studios in Macedon, NY. It was a blast. Jon is a phenomenal musician and songwriter, as well as a good soul. We had an outstanding talk that drifted effortlessly between many modes: happiness, accomplishment, loss, grief, anxiety. All ends of the spectrum were covered. And the best part was that, at the end, he played two songs and talked about them. I was definitely planning on having him play, but he really opens up and gives you the background to each song. I loved it, and it set the precedent for how I'll do live performances from here on out.

Go forth and enjoy this episode! It's my holiday gift to you all. Next week, I'm putting out a bonus episode, so stay tuned for that. I'll keep you updated on the Facebook and Twitter (yes, we have a Twitter now). Until then, be well, enjoy your holiday time and I'll catch you all in a week to ring in the New Year.



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