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Episode 27: Drew Nugent

So I'm not gonna be one to complain. Which is always the first thing someone says when they're about to do just that. But I've been running myself ragged over the last couple of months. School, work, house stuff, trying to be a good husband, more going to work, all that jazz. I have to tell you all that keeping on top of this show, putting out an episode every two weeks, has been key in keeping me from simply drifting apart into the ether. There have been times over the last bunch of episodes where I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to get it together to put out the episode at all. But I've got a stubborn streak a mile wide, and when I've committed to doing something, I do it. I guess what I'm saying is: Thanks to all of you. Thanks for listening to the episodes, reading the e-mails, taking part in all of this. It truly makes me glad.

Anyways. This week on the show is the mind-numbingly talented Drew Nugent. I've talked about him with Dan Nosheny back on Episode 10. Dan was actually how I got in touch with Drew, since he sits in with Drew's band, The Midnight Society, off and on. Drew and I went back and forth for months trying to nail down a time for me to come to his place and do an interview. And it had to be his place, because that's where his piano is, and his piano is vital when talking about Drew. Drew is a Jazz-era musician, meaning he focuses on jazz from the late teens through the 20s. He is incredibly talented, not just as a player (which you'll hear), but as a true fan of the genre. He can educate you six ways from Sunday about artists, songwriters, combos, films of the era, all that jazz (pun intended). And it was his 30th birthday the day we sat down! It was a blast to talk with him. He is a real character, and I mean that as a huge compliment.

In other news, I'll be in NYC this coming weekend. I'll be checking out the Outlaw Roadshow, which is an unofficial showcase as part of the CMJ festivities this year. They put on a great bunch of shows, if last year was any indication. It's organized by a guy named Ryan Spaulding, a Boston music writer and championer, and Adam Duritz, who fronted a little band you might know called Counting Crows. Download the Outlaw Roadshow app, it'll get you into the shows,and it'll be a great time. I'm not getting and kind of kick-back from these guys at all, they didn't ask me to plug them. But Outlaw Roadshow gets behind great bands from all over, and they curate a phenomenal showcase. Check out some of it if you can. Good Lord, I haven't been to CMJ since 1999. What does that even mean?

Until next time, fair listeners. Enjoy yourselves, enjoy other people (or try to), and keep busy, but not so busy that you lose track of your molecules.



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