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Episode 28: A Eulogy For The Legendary Dobbs

We're gonna take a quick deviation from our regularly scheduled way of doing things this week. I learned Sunday night that The Legendary Dobb's had closed. Dobb's was a small rock club on South Street, perhaps the most polarizing street in all of Philadelphia. You either love it or you won't be caught dead anywhere near it. And, not for nothing, but I wouldn't have thought to make a deal out of it. definitely not a whole episode. But it came on the tail of the North Star, another Philly club, announcing that it would no longer do music anymore. Two in one month seemed like something to take notice of. So I did.

On the episode, you will hear from Jayson Verdibello (a Philly musician and past guest), Ron Bauman (manager of Connie's Ric Rac, another small Philly venue), Jeremy Hebbel (long-time Philly musician, owner of Wilmigton based concert promoters Gable Music Ventures) and James Hearne (longtime bandmate of mine, former Philly musician residing in the Hudson Valley area). These are four guys that I've known for a bit, I respect their opinions, they all interact with the Philly music scene, and I knew they would each have their own unique perspective and memories. They are, of course, not the be-all-end-all of people to talk on the subject.

For those of Philadelphia, this'll be an episode that'll touch on a lot of things you may already be familiar with. For those from elsewhere, this may seem like a lot of regional stuff, perhaps a bit of inside baseball. But I assure you that there's a common story, a common thread, in this episode for anyone wherever they are. It's about memories, about community and friendships, and about carving out your own scene.

I hope you all enjoy this little side-trip I've taken here. Back to normal next episode, I promise. This is the joy of running my own ship; I get to sound off occasionally on things that effect me and my community of musicians and friends. I think it applies to far more than just what's happening in my own backyard.



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